Pixie & Dust






I loved the magical animation, imaginative rush and swirl of color in Cynthia Pepper’s new film Pixie & Dust. There were many enchanting moments for me which were filled with wonderful, occasionally hilarious, creative imagery that all flowed from her brain.

David Chase | Professional Dancer/Arts Educator


Pixie & Dust draws the audience into the fantastic imaginings of a child’s inner self. With bold mixed media and leaping poetry, Cynthia Pepper exposes herself as an artist more than a traditional filmmaker. She has crafted a piece as quirky and absurd as it is adorable. Kudos for her creative audacity. She has dared to infuse her avant-garde sensibilities into the youth genre short film without compromising its charm.

Jodie NewDelman, PhD.


Pixie & Dust is a beautiful work of creativity. Cynthia’s 30-minute film is an important lesson to artists of all ages that creating can be both dynamic and unconventional and even silly crazy fun. Pixie & Dust inspires its viewers to appreciate the weird ways in which our brains work. Watching this film is a tactile experience. I literally recommend it to all living beings!

Remi Zimmerman  | Diversity & Inclusion Associate – Mark Day School


Pixie & Dust is a colorful, sprightly, kaleidoscopic adventure into creativity. It fulfills a unique vision, with friendship and imagination, dance and dinosaurs, plus a generous sprinkling of magic.

Elaine Miller Bond  |  Author/Photographer of Running Wild, Living Wild, and Wild Colors


 Pixie & Dust is a colorful, musical storybook for children and magical mystery tour for adults.

Howard Rachelson  | Marin’s Master of Trivia